grx churchwide retreat 2020

Join us for our Churchwide Retreat this year.

  • When: May 15-17, 2020
  • Where: Koinonia Conference Grounds 1605 Eureka Canyon Rd, Watsonville, CA
  • Speaker: Dawn and Carlos Taloyo
  • Registration: Register by CLICKING HERE (Login with your email and password or create a new account)
  • Cost: See chart below:
  • Contact: Questions: Contact Terrence Wu at

Retreat Pricing: all prices include 2 Nights Stay, 5 meals, 2 snacks and access to the available Koinonia activities that are open.

  • Registration Deadline: Feb 16—Apr 19
  • Early Bird Ends Mar 15
  • Scholarships are Available
  • Spaces are limited

                                   Early Bird Rate                       Regular Rate

Adult                                  $136                                 $170

Youth (9-16 yrs)                 $108                                 $130

Child (3-8 yrs)                     $76                                   $90


Things to Pack:

Outdoor type clothes (warm and cool), warm sweater, jacket, swimsuit, toiletries, hand soap, towel, sleeping bag, pillow, bed sheets/linens, bible, journal, alarm clock, bug spray, comfortable shoes, sun block, flashlight


What to Expect: Tentative Retreat Schedule

Friday, May 15:

      4:00pm: Check In (No Dinner provided)

      7:30pm: Evening Session (Children’s Programs Available)

      10:00pm: Lights Out

Saturday, May 16:

       8:00am: Breakfast

       9:15am: Morning Session/Breakout (Children’s Programs Available)

       12:30pm: Lunch

       2:00pm: Free Time

       5:30pm: Dinner

       6:45pm: Evening Session/Breakout (Children’s Programs Available)

       10:00pm: Lights Out

Sunday, May 17:

       8:00am: Breakfast

       9:30am: Cabin Checkout

       10:00am: Outdoor Morning Session with kids

       12:30pm: Lunch

       1:30pm: Departure


Koinonia Conference Grounds Activities Available: Playing Field, Swimming Pool, Basketball Courts, Volleyball Courts, 9 Square, Hiking Trails, Giant Slide, Gaga Ball, Ropes Courses/Zipline (small fee), Laser Tag (10 yrs+ only, small fee) Horseshoes, Ping Pong, Foosball


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Can I come to the retreat for just part of it or for one day?

A1) We do not offer daily options for the retreat. We want to encourage people to come for the entire weekend of the retreat.


Q2) How many beds are there and how much space are in the cabins?

A2) Cabin sizes will range from 6 to 10 beds. All beds are twin size beds unless "full" size requested during registration. All cabins have a good amount of floor space to fit a couple pack & plays and all of your luggage.


Q3) I do not own a sleeping bag. Can I bring blankets and bedsheets?

A3) Yes. There are no bedsheets on the beds so you can bring your own blankets and bed sheets to cover the beds (bring enough sheets for the size of your family)


Q4) Can I bring video games, iPads or other electronics?

A4) We encourage everyone to stay unplugged for the weekend. Unless absolutely necessary, please try to not bring/use electronics for this weekend. There is no phone reception at Koinonia.


Q5) What activities are available at Koinonia?

A5) There is a Playing Field, Swimming Pool, Basketball Courts, Volleyball Courts, 9 Square, Giant Slide, Hiking, Play Structure, Ropes Courses/Zipline ($10 fee), Laser Tag ($10 fee, 10+ ages only), Horseshoes, Ping Pong, Foosball


Q6) How far are the accomodations from the dining hall and main worship hall?

A6) All of the cabins (Redwood, Douglas, Birch cabins) are relatively close to the dining hall and main worship hall. The main part of the camp is all within view of each other. Click here for a map.


Q7) Are there locks on the cabin doors?

A7) The cabin doors do not have lockable locks. We encourage everyone to keep any valuables in their vehicles during the retreat.