Technology plays a big role in everyday life, especially for children as they age and learn to manage their own devices and social media accounts. We believe SCREENAGERS to be a helpful tool to generate discussion in your family about use and balance with electronics. Our hope is to come alongside you as you have these conversations and encourage you to invite Jesus into the tech side of your family.

Screening 2:  Sunday, October 13, 2019 from 2:30PM - 5:00PM (Ministry Center). For adults, parents, and kids (10+ years).*

Cost: $5/adult for first viewing only. Free for second viewing and kids age 10+ (RSVP now)

Children Age 9 and Under: Complimentary childcare sign ups CLOSED

All proceeds will be donated to the Paul Carlson Partnership - learn more about this initiative in the Congo.

Questions: Please contact Cecily Ko

*The 2nd screening will provide the opportunity for parents with teenagers and preteens (ages 10 and up) to view the documentary as a family. We will have discussion groups and activities on that day for those who wish to dig deeper into the topic with other families seeking advice from a Christian worldview. There will be no additional charge for those who are watching for the 2nd time or their children; payment will be collected for initial viewing only. Please click the RSVP link to reserve your spot.