At GrX, we seek to lead people to authentic faith in Jesus Christ. 

If you are interested in joining our staff team, please contact us.



Scope of Role:

This role will serve as the Children’s and Family Ministry Lead (Director or Associate Pastor role) of Great Exchange Covenant Church (GrX). This role is available on the following employment basis and levels: full time or part time; director or associate pastor-level role depending on the qualification of the applicant. This role will report to GrX’s lead pastor.

Compensation Range

See below for the compensation range for this role on the following employment basis and levels: 

  1. Salary-based for full time director-level position (salary range: $50,000-$65,000) with benefits; 

  2. Hourly based for part time director-level position (i.e. 20 hrs/week); or

  3. Salary-based for part time associate pastor-level position (salary range: $30,000-$45,000)

Role Summary:

To lead GrX’s children’s ministry (KidZone) staff and volunteers in creating a community and ministry that leads children to authentic faith in Jesus Christ.

Role Responsibilities:

  1. Lead Children’s Ministry (KidZone)

    1. Cast vision and create effective structures, programs, initiatives, and curricula to move children and parents deeper in their faith for elementary curriculum and annual church retreat children’s ministries curriculum.   

    2. Contribute to vision and planning for children's ministry in conjunction with the overall GrX church annual theme.

    3. Oversee programming including Sunday morning KidZone operations; ministry leader recruitment, development, and discipleship; and annual Vacation Bible School

    4. Pray and seek God’s way in ministry.  Pray for staff, leaders, children, and families. 

    5. Know the children, families, and leaders in the ministry for the sake of loving God’s people and leading them to an authentic faith in Jesus.

    6. Be the special needs children’s ministry point person.

    7. Manage children’s ministry budget.

  2. Congregational Care

    1. Provide pastoral care and counseling for families.

  3. Staff

    1. Lead weekly children’s ministry staff meetings.

    2. Participate in weekly staff meetings, off-site staff retreats and to meet occasionally with the GrX Leadership Team (Board).

  4. Worship

    1. Lead in worship through active participation in Sunday gatherings.

    2. Administer the Sacraments and preach as needed in collaboration with the lead pastor.

Skills & Requirements for Role:

  1. Minimum five years of experience in leadership roles with children’s ministry.

  2. The ability to recruit, build, and manage teams and volunteers to achieve the purposes of the ministry.

  3. An understanding of the development of children and youth and how to teach, train up and disciple them.

  4. The ability to set priorities and meet deadlines.

  5. The ability to communicate well.

  6. The ability to establish good working relationships.

  7. A Bachelor’s Degree in a related field is preferred but not required.

  8. Depending on the applicable position level, a Masters of Divinity degree is preferred but not required.

  9. Depending on the applicable position level, ministerial license in the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) is required.  If not ordained in the ECC, then the creation of a pathway towards ordination in the ECC or annual renewal of the ECC ministerial license will be needed.

  10. Depending on the applicable position level, opportunities to further strengthen pastoral gifts (leadership, administration, preaching, pastoral counseling, etc.) may be available.

Role Expectations:

  1. Christ-centered behavior at all times, i.e. treating people with dignity, respect, compassion, integrity and love.

  2. Successful completion of both a background check and reference check.

  3. Pleasant and professional personality and appearance.

  4. Regular attendance of GrX staff meetings & worship services.

  5. Acknowledgement of GrX Statement of Faith.

  6. Adherence to the policies and procedures in the GrX Employee Handbook.

  7. To be in prayer for GrX.

To Apply:

Please send the following to

  1. Resume or CV

  2. Statement of Faith

  3. Three (3) personal references.

  4. Three (3) professional/ministry references.

  5. A 2-page letter sharing about who you are and your sense of call to our position.

Employment At-Will:

All employees of GrX are at-will, and as such, are free to resign, any time without reason.  GrX likewise, retains the right to terminate an employee’s employment at any time with or without reason or notice.

Nothing contained in this job description or any other document provided to the employee is intended to be, nor should it be construed as a guarantee that employment or any benefit will be continued for any period of time.  Any salary figures provided to an employee in annual or hourly terms are stated for the sake of convenience or to facilitate comparisons and are not intended and do not create an employment contract for any specific period of time.  No employee of GrX has any authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time or to make any agreement for employment other than at-will.