a typical sunday


All of our children start Sunday off at our KidZone Welcome Table where they are checked in by their parents. They each receive a sticker name badge that has all the info necessary to keep them safe. If you are a new family, please feel free to download our registration form and bring it with you on Sunday.

Worship in Main Service with Parents

All the kids will join the main service to worship together (adults, youth, kids) for a few songs and then be dismissed to go to their classes.

Learn in teaching time

Children then split off into age group “clumps” for a time of hands-on and interactive learning as they get to experience the lessons from the Bible. (see CLASSES for more info). 

Reconnect in small groups

This is a time of reconnecting with their small groups and exploring and discussing what these lessons mean to each of them uniquely and personally. Many times crafts, games, snacks, and activities are used to make the lessons even more meaningful.

See you next Sunday

When service is over, parents go to their child’s classroom and check out their child using the security number/tag that matches their child’s. Children are sent home with many experiences to share and hopes to come again =).

* Our Infants are the exception to this schedule. They spend their time at KidZone in their own classroom with a group of dedicated and caring teachers. Within their time in the classroom, they have discovery playtime, music time, and even participate in our very own infant curriculum, PowerPLAY!