what is a hunger banquet?

We invite you to an experiential meal event to bring awareness to the issue of world hunger. Through this fun, interactive meal, we hope our community will gain insight on what it's like to live and eat like someone in a different life circumstance than ours.

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Who can attend?

Anyone! This is a dinner experience for anyone who is interested to learn more about world hunger, specifically in the Philippines. 

When is the event?

Friday, Nov 15 from 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Where is the event?

GrX Ministry Center, 2346 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara

What are the costs of the tickets?

$20 for adults, $15 for youth ages 13-17, $10 for children ages 6-12, and free for children 5 and under.

Where does my money go?

100% of your ticket cost will go directly to Kids International Ministries (KIM) in Tacloban, Philippines. In particular, we are hoping to fund their Christmas Community Outreach project where kids and families will have the opportunity to come to KIM for games, prizes, food, and most importantly, to learn about the true meaning of Christmas. One adult ticket price will feed about 12 people who attend the Christmas Outreach in Tacloban.

The cost of the food you will eat on the night of the Oxfam Hunger Banquet® has been covered by Reset and generous individuals within the GrX community.

How does the Banquet work?

We don’t want to give away too much since participating as you go along is part of the experience! However, the Oxfam Hunger Banquet® is designed for us to experience world hunger together. You will represent a part of the world based on the luck of the draw and will eat according to that ticket. You may end up with a very nice meal or much less...who knows?

Who is hosting?

A team of 8 people went to Tacloban, Philippines this past July to work with Kids International Ministries there. This team is hosting the event and will be sharing some of their stories and pictures during the evening. Some Reset students are also hosting as part of our current Friday series about Social Justice and Global Issues.

What if I have food allergies?

We’re sorry, but we are unable to accommodate those with food allergies during this experience. If you would like more information on how to conduct a similar experience at home with foods that are safe for you to eat, contact Amy for a modified, at home experience.  

I’m not sure if my kids are too young for this. How will the kids be involved?

Children under 5 will be attending along with one of their parents as part of their ticket. Those six years and older will be on their own ticket and will receive a different meal depending on the luck of the draw. We will all be in the same room together but in different areas, and we will have Reset/student leaders available in each area to help your child if you are not in that same area with them. We have been pleasantly surprised in the past with how much children as young as 5 have to say about this experience. This is a great opportunity to help your children learn about and empathize with children in other parts of the world.

Will I get enough to eat?

This is part of the experience! Some will get more than enough, but others will leave feeling hungry or dissatisfied.  Without spoiling the experience for you, we’d encourage you to come with an open mind to experience whatever journey your ticket takes you on. If you have children who may feel hungry, you may want to give them a snack before or after just in case.

What if I cannot attend but I am still interested to learn more?

You can check out the website for Kids International Ministries (kidsim.org) to learn more specifically about the Philippines.  You can also go to the Oxfam website (oxfamamerica.org) for more information on the Oxfam Hunger Banquet® activity itself. (Warning: Spoilers!) You can also contact Amy for a simpler, at home experience you can do with your family over a meal.

What if I would like to donate but cannot attend the event?

That’s great! Please go to kidsim.org, click on the red GIVE button, and follow the directions there. Choose “other” on the drop down menu to select how to use your donation and write in “GrX Hunger Banquet--Tacloban funds”. Please do NOT buy a ticket or additional tickets as a means to donate funds as that will disrupt our headcount for the food that evening.  Thank you in advance for your support!


Dear GrX Church Family & Friends,

Following the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and the mandatory countywide moratorium (dated March 13, 2020), we will not be meeting for worship this coming Sunday, March 15. We are also postponing future Sunday worship gatherings until March 31.

Like you, we continue to monitor the guidance of local, regional and national authorities. We will keep you posted about plans for after March 31.

What about worship for this Sunday?

For this Sunday, let me encourage the following:

            + Thanking God & lifting up your concerns

            + Preparing your heart to receive God's Word

What about other ministry gatherings like Life Groups?

It is understandable to want to be supportive of one another in this difficult season. The official GrX recommendation is to not meet in accordance with the Coronavirus Guidance March 13, 2020. If Life Group leaders feel it is wise, supportive or needful to meet, please be aware of the above guidance from Santa Clara Public Health and know you are meeting at your own discretion. That said, this may be the opportunity to connect with someone on a smaller scale over coffee or dinner. There are many ways to creatively bless and care for one another. 

How are you feeling?

Some of us are feeling anxious and worried. Others may be angry or looking for someone to blame. Take time to reflect on your heart and mind. What are you spending time reading and dwelling on? We follow and serve a big God. We can lean into our faith and God’s love for us. In Jesus, we can live into greater faith over fear and greater compassion and care.

What are ways to move forward?

This time creates the unique opportunity to care for people. It takes a shift from focusing only on ourselves to seeing others around us. As followers of Jesus, surrounded by many who may be fearful or worried, we can be people of kindness and gentle witness. Perhaps there is an older person who is not wanting to leave their home. Bringing groceries to them is a tangible expression of care.

Our GrX Leadership Team and Staff have been outstanding in helping to navigate this challenging time. We are exploring ways to "live stream" Sunday worship. (Please pray for us!) I am grateful for how God is at work in GrX, and for how our wider GrX church community has responded with thoughtfulness, maturity and love.

Pastor Scott Loo