We’ve recently been exploring how shalom is God’s dream of wholeness for the world. And the Good News is not only that God is bringing shalom, but that we get to participate in it too! It’s not hard to see examples of broken shalom all around us: poverty, violence, racism, division, and climate change, among many others. God is inviting us to respond by being agents of shalom in our communities.

We hope that you can take a small step of faith to be an agent of shalom in your community! We also encourage you to post pictures of your Justice Weekend activities on Facebook with the tag #grxjustice .


If you have any questions, please email Pastor Nate or Amy.


It’s our chance to join God in bringing shalom to our communities. What will this look like? Glad you asked! There many different options:

06/25 Hygiene Kit Packing Party at the Ministry Center from 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

  • We need you to sign up by 06/16 so we can make sure we follow SCC's guidelines for people and capacity. Contact Julia at cityteam@grx.org to let us know you'd like to join us.

  • You also have the option to build your own hygiene kits at home and drop them off at the Ministry Center during packing party hours on Friday evening. Questions about how to do this or what to pack? Email Julia.

06/26 City Team’s Love your Neighborhood initiative from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

For more info on the idea: Media Kit

To sign up: City Team's Volunteer Hub


  • Read/memorize some Bible verses about justice. Some suggestions...
  1. Jeremiah 29:7
  2. Micah 6:8
  3. Proverbs 31:8-9
  • Watch and discuss this justice video from The Bible Project with your family or a few friends:

  • Watch and discuss Mark's sharing with your family or a few friends.

  • Watch a movie/read a book about a justice issue you care about.
  • Learn more and/or Donate to a cause (City Team Stories Archive or another local cause; Love Mercy Do Justice – ECC | What We Do). i.e. Give up drinking boba, eating out, or another activity you regularly spend money on for a set amount of time and instead donate that money to the cause you connect with most.


  • Prayer walks--your neighborhood, your zip code

  • Pick up trash

  • Meet a neighbor

  • Invite a neighbor over

  • Invite someone from GrX to meal/coffee that you don’t know as well

  • Have a conversation with a store owner in your neighborhood

  • Have a conversation with a homeless person in your neighborhood

  • Hygiene kit packing party in your backyard, with a few of your friends or neighbors


  • Advocate for a cause (write a letter to a leader/public official, share on social media, etc)

  • Attend a rally/protest

  • Join a walking patrol in SF or Oakland Chinatown to look after elderly residents (https://www.chinatownsafetypatrol.org/

  • Gather a group of GrXers to pray for a certain issue